Fine skinhead drama from Germany

This film about A West German kid getting familiar with bigotry and patriotism when his family migrates toward the East, I believe is to a great extent obscure outside of Germany. This is shocking, as “Kombat Sechzehn” is actually a fine film, that has some amazing symbolism and a remarkable style, just as a positive message. multi year-old Georg is driven away from his home in the West, which means bidding farewell to his two loves; his better half, and his Taekwondo group, something that is exceedingly critical to him.

Presently living in Cottbus, a financially discouraged spot where the individuals are not very partial to things like American culture and outsiders living in their nation, Georg before long falls in with a gathering of furious mates. Together the gathering dives further into a patriot perspective, and soon they are shaving their heads, ( in an incoherent scene including drinking, draining and bunch heaving in a rainstorm to the tune of a patriot hymn), and turning into a skinhead pack.

This film bargains particularly well with it’s immortal subjects of faithfulness and kinship, and male holding through viciousness and liquor. Georg builds up an especially solid companionship with Thomas, a furious, smart child. By the movies end, Thomas and Georg have shown each other some significant life exercises, about both physical and internal quality, and about sense of pride, as they develop out of the group mindset and figure out how to have an independent mind.

The film has a specific conservative feel to it, so skinheads and patriots ought to get a kick out of this. The melody at the movies end is performed by ‘Boehse Onkelz’, a German band that has never completely prevailing with regards to removing itself from the Nazi scene which they were engaged with some time in the past. “Kombat Sechzehn” includes some noteworthy, proficient looking battle groupings, just as an essential soundtrack. What’s more, the acting, especially that of Ludwig Trepte as the conservative radikal Thomas, is very great.

It may be hard to discover this film outside of Germany, however for those keen on the skinhead scene, or the present circumstance in Germany, this merits finding.